Child Support

Child Support

Raising a child is no easy feat. Yet it can be the most rewarding task a parent pursues. In Pennsylvania, both parents have a responsibility to provide financially for the child until the child reaches the age of 18. If both parents are not living in the same household either as a result divorce, separation, or other factors than the financial obligations are often shared.

The amount of child support paid by one parent is contingent to their net income. Income is defined as money the parent earns from salary, interest, pensions, commission, bonuses, worker’s compensation, Social Security, disability payments, lottery winnings, and tips. If a parent is unemployed at the time, then both unemployment compensation and an evaluation of the parent’s expected earnings based on previous income and skills may be assessed as earning capacity. The Pennsylvania Child Support Guidelines will determine the amount required for monthly child support payments based on this income for each parent and the number of children. In cases of divorce, the total amount may be combined with alimony payments as well.

Child support does not necessarily provide custody rights. However, failure to make agreed child support payments may result in a denial for temporary custody, fines, and other penalties.

Whether you are a parent seeking child support or a parent negotiating child support payments, you need a skilled attorney who specializes in family law to help represent you in this matter. Filing for child support can take several months until a payment arrives so please contact an attorney as soon as you can.

We know you care about your children and want to them in healthy and stable conditions. David W. Kaiser, Attorney at Law, has helped hundreds of parents arrive at fair child support agreements. He knows this is a stressful time and emotions can run high. The best situation is to work together and compose a solid arrangement that is in favor of the children yet plausible by both parents. When you bring your case to us, we will file the necessary paperwork quickly and accurately. We will need income statements from both parents and any information regarding any special needs the child or children may have. We will handle the communication between both parents through attorneys and ensure that the process is completed legally. We will help set payment plans so there is no error in payment that could result in penalties.

If one parent lives in another state or country, it is important to file in the state where the child or children currently reside. If the children relocate to another state then they need to file a petition to have the court acknowledge this move.

The attorneys at David Kaiser Law are here to answer your questions regarding child support. We can help if you are seeking to file a claim or in the process of negotiation. We serve the greater Pittsburgh area and have the experience and knowledge you need to protect your children. Call us today at 724-425-1110.