Surgery Error

Surgery Error

Surgeons are skilled professionals who receive a decade of schooling and years of training before operating on patients. These doctors know that some of the procedures and surgeries might be risky and they prepare the patient before any decisions about treatment are made. However, when a surgeon makes a mistake that could have been avoided there is a medical malpractice claim that should be filed to hold the negligent party responsible.

Two common types of surgery errors are “wrong-site surgery” where the surgeon operated on the healthy part of the patient and “wrong patient surgery” where the surgeon operated on another patient. Both circumstances have disabling or fatal consequences. Because of the thorough training and attention to detail surgeons are required to take,  these actions hold them and the hospital negligent for the consequences. Despite the judgment each surgeon should take before proceeding with any operation, wrong-site surgery happens over 2,000 times a year in the United States. It should be easy for even an untrained eye to detect a healthy limb from an infected one and even if the nurses prepped the wrong area, it is still the responsibility of the surgeon to identify the exact terms of the patient. This failure to communicate holds the surgeon, the physician, the staff, and the entire hospital negligent for not taking the time to ensure their actions.

Other types of surgery errors include anesthesia errors, operating errors, operating with an untrained surgeon, and neglect to properly care for a patient post-surgery. Anesthesia errors can leave victims paralyzed for life and in many cases lead to death. Operating errors have become all too common. If the surgeon nicks a healthy artery or nerve it can have far worse consequences than what brought the patient to surgery in the first place. It is hard to believe that surgeons leave instruments inside a patient but it does happen.

Many times the patient and their family will not be aware that anything went wrong in the surgery. They know there is always a risk when they enter the hospital but they assume it is the best option. The hospital will usually have an on-site attorney present to discuss the matter with the patient and their family. When this happens it is important not to sign anything until you have taken the matter to a personal injury attorney who specializes in medical malpractice claims for review.

David W. Kaiser, Attorney at Law, has seen too many cases where the victims and their families have been denied answers until they hire an attorney in of their own to review the claim. We will hold the medical personnel accountable for their actions and demand you receive compensation that you deserve.

If you or a family member have been a victim of surgery error in the Pittsburgh area then call 724-425-1110 for a free consultation. We know that money can not bring back the loss of sight, limbs, or life, but it is a step in the right direction to rebuilding your life and that of your family’s.  Please call today!  We are here to get you the help you deserve.