Premises Liability

Premises Liability

Premises liability claims are injuries that occur when the owner of a property has allowed the public to enter an unsafe environment. This is a dangerous hazard and can result in brain damage, spinal fractures, broken bones, loss of limbs, and even death. They can occur in any establishment such as a private home, a hotel, a stadium, a restaurant, or an office. Not all premises liability claims are quick accidents like “slip and falls.” Carbon monoxide poisoning is a common risk and hazard that counts as well. Even residing in a hotel with inadequate security that allowed you to be the victim of a violent crime is a negligent act and is considered to be a premise liability.

Pennsylvania law requires those who are injured while on someone else’s property to receive financial compensation for their pain and suffering. However, it first needs to be established that the incident was an act of negligence. This may require an investigation at the scene of the incident, requesting records and taking pictures showing misconduct. Bringing your claim to a skilled personal injury attorney can help you understand what course of action to take for holding the negligent party liable and receiving financial compensation.

When you take your claim to David W. Kaiser, Attorney at Law, he will assess your case and help you make your next move. The number one priority is your health. We can make sure you have a thorough medical examination from x-rays to CT scans and are given a proper diagnosis so you know all the medical issues you might face. Next, we will investigate the scene and document the behavior, environment, and conduct of those around. Once we establish there was negligence and how the accident could have been avoided we will fight for you to receive the full compensation you are due under the law. We can put the pressure on the building owners and their insurers to take the lawful course of action and pay the compensation they owe or take them to court if they fail to proceed. Taking these claims directly to a for-profit insurance company who is not working for your best interest will not get the maximum results. In fact, any statement you provide to them can be used to reduce or deny your claim. Leave the communication to a professional who can speak on your behalf and knows how to talk to the businesses.

You should not be intimidated by large corporations and establishments saying the accident was your fault. It is their responsibility to keep a safe environment or seal it off from the public. Bringing legal recourse to their negligence will help you and your family recover but it will also make these companies make the appropriate repairs and improvements to ensure another accident does not happen again.

If you have been injured in a premises liability due to negligence in the Pittsburgh area then call 724-425-1110 for a free consultation. David Kaiser is here to help you through this time of need.